With a trajectory in costume jewelry design since 2012, Agatha Bussatti under a new concept opens a space for consumers who love accessories and jewelry. Our designs always try to keep in classic designs without straying from the current fashion trend.

What will you find in this space? Our designs are filed pieces or unique pieces by this we mean that they are designed by hand, each piece has a lot of time of work, love and dedication. What type of materials do we work? We always try to work with the best materials Mostly semi-precious stones, crystals, stainless steel pieces, gold-plated pieces, brass among many other materials.

What we want in the future? Expanding ourselves to be recognized for our designs even when they are limited, we want the consumer to feel special by having something that is unique or limited, made with love and creativity! In the future we also treasure the possibility of adding other types of products to our store to have the opportunity for our customers to find options in merchandise to add to their outfit.